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The Scripps Research Institute is very proud of its alumni’s accomplishments. To support their success, the Graduate Office and Career & Postdoctoral Services Office both sponsor events to connect alumni with each other, current students and postdocs, faculty, and administration.

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Inaugural Event Introduces New TSRI Alumni Association

Alumni Board
The TSRI Alumni Association Board includes (l to r) Sheena Sayman, Edward
Cho, Goran Pljevaljcic, Debbie Liao, Jack Scatizzi and Geza Ambrus-Aikelin.
(Photo by Cindy Brauer.)

The recent TSRI Alumni Association kick-off event offered a trio of speakers and a networking reception for former—and current—research associates and graduate students at the institute. Presentations by TSRI Professor Phil Baran (Class of 2001); John Hood, chief scientific officer, Samumed (TSRI postdoc 1998-2002); and Alan Ezekowitz, president/CEO Abide Therapeutics, focused on the importance of establishing personal networks for success in academia as well as in industry.

In addition, Alumni Association President Goran Pljevaljcic provided a description of the group’s mission and plans to "connect alumni with each other and the institute to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships.”

To join the association, visit the Alumni Association Website or TSRI Alumni LinkedIn group. For more information, contact article originally appeared in News & Views)


New Networking and Professional Development Website Coming Soon for TSRI Alumni

Graduate student and postdoctoral alumni, as well as current students, postdocs and faculty members at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) will soon have access to a new online resource designed to connect alumni and other members of the TSRI community as never before. Dubbed TSRI Pathways, the new website will launch later this year.

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"Meet the Alumni" Events

Graduate Program and postdoctoral alumni are encouraged to visit TSRI to share their experiences with current doctoral students and postdocs. If you would like to present at a "Meet the Alumni" event, please contact the Career & Postdoctoral Services Office

Video: Alumni Pathways

Catch up with alumni of our Graduate Program and postdoctoral training programs and discover what they've accomplished since their time at TSRI.

To view more videos from the new Alumni Pathways series, visit our YouTube channel HERE