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SURF/REU Alumni Profiles

Participants in The Scripps Research Institute's SURF/REU programs hail from colleges and universities across the nation and bring research interests spanning the biomedical spectrum. Read about several recent summer program participants and learn how their experience at TSRI impacted their career trajectory.

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Undergraduate Institution: Rochester Institute of Technology, Class of 2015

Undergraduate Major: Biology

TSRI Faculty Mentor: Prof. Courtney Miller, Department of Metabolism and Aging

TSRI Program & Year: 2014 TSRI REU Summer Program, Florida campus

Research Poster Title: "Pharmacological Disruption of Methamphetamine-Associated Memory"

What he took away: "The experience really opened my eyes to the dynamic nature of modern and efficient labs, including the inherent hierarchy and necessity of results."

Latest news: "I am currently leading my research team at RIT, underneath my research professor of course, but I have had to guide two recent additions to our team. This has made me more aware of my own techniques and habits, and how to lead our team forward to a goal."

What's next: "I am now planning to apply to German biological/chemical internships in the hopes of maintaining my German and also learning more about pharmacology."