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Jupiter, Florida

The Jupiter, Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute sits on the opposite side of the country on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Drug discovery is a central pursuit on the Florida campus, which consists of three research laboratory buildings constructed around a state-of-the-art robotic compound screening center. The center houses more than a million compounds in its library and supports a core of experts recruited from industry to run core laboratories is target identification, pharmacokinetics, behavior, and medicinal chemistry.

Photo of Florida campus

Students on the Jupiter campus are exposed to a highly translational research environment that emphasizes the close relationship between chemistry, biology and medicine. With a growing faculty tackling problems ranging from chemical synthesis to organismal and molecular biology, a new MD/PhD program and expanding neurobiology research community at Florida Atlantic University, the adjoining Max Planck Society's first US-based laboratory, and plans for a neighboring research hospital, Scripps Research sits at the center of the burgeoning biomedical research corridor of Florida.