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Photo of Dean WilliamsonI would like to welcome you to Scripps’ educational programs. Whether you are interested in Scripps’ Graduate Program, postdoctoral opportunities or outreach programs, I think you will find a number of fantastic and unique opportunities. I urge you to look the programs over carefully.

Graduate work at Scripps is a special opportunity, and many of the features of our program are different than at a traditional university. The Graduate Program offers both customizable curriculum and stellar, interdisciplinary research laboratories for your thesis work. Our goal is to provide the most conducive environment to enable students to make important discoveries as a stepping stone for their careers.

In addition in the mentoring and advising postdoctoral fellows receive from their advisor, the Career and Postdoctoral Services Office offers a diverse set of programs and resources that help trainees develop a wide array of skills. The programs include career counseling for academic and non-academic opportunities, individual development plans, laboratory and resource management course, writing workshops, and manuscript editing services.

Many Scripps scientists and researchers, from full professors to postdoctoral fellows to graduate students, participate in Scripps’ Academic Preparation and Educational Outreach Programs which provide a valuable service and contribution to the community. Many faculty invite undergraduates, high school students, and teachers into their labs for an intense summer research experience, while many postdoctoral trainees and graduate students present lectures and demonstrations at local schools and community fairs. There is an exchange of ideas and a real feeling of creating the next generation of scientists.

Please browse the research descriptions of the faculty. We have an outstanding group, spanning the range from young rising stars to Nobel Laureates. Whether you are interested in chemistry, chemical biology, biology, immunology, or neuroscience, I am certain that you will find the research programs interesting. If you do, that should tell you something important about where you should consider going for your next educational or training endeavor…

James R. Williamson

James R. Williamson
Scripps La Jolla