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Scripps Education Reporter: Edition 1

A Message from the Dean

James R. Williamson, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral StudiesWelcome to the inaugural edition of the Scripps Education Reporter! Whether you’re a college student interested in internships or graduate school, an alumnus of our graduate or postdoctoral programs, or an interested member of the community, we think you’ll enjoy our new e-newsletter.

Each issue features bicoastal news from our top-10 ranked graduate program, profiles of students and interns, a look at the exciting research led by our faculty, and much more.

Enjoy this first issue and please share with a friend!

James R. Williamson, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies 

New Diversity Visitation Event for Undergrads Interested in Biomedical Research

College undergrads from cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds historically underrepresented in the sciences are invited to apply for an all-expense-paid trip to TSRI’s Florida campus in late October! Students selected for the three-day program will attend workshops and biomedical research talks led by TSRI faculty, meet current graduate students, tour state-of-the-art laboratories, and more. Applications must be received by October 3.

TSRI Celebrates 22nd Commencement, Welcomes Record Number of New Students

Read about this year’s incoming and outgoing graduate students and learn more about these important transitional events in the graduate education process. 

Live Long(er) and Prosper: Working with Aging Models

What factors determine a person’s lifespan? Might it be possible one day to significantly extend length and quality of life? Two TSRI researchers are using genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, and even engineering to probe these big questions. As it turns out, the answers might be found in the smallest of places.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Continue to Expand on TSRI Campuses

In just five years, The Scripps Research Institute's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) program has grown substantially and attracted the attention of aspiring young scientists and grantmaking agencies alike. Learn about the program's recent growth milestones and expanded summer research opportunities available for college undergraduate students.

Scripps Graduate Students Explore New Paths in Chemistry and Cancer Biology

Meet fifth-year graduate student Kelvin Chan on TSRI's California campus and second-year student Sany Hoxha on the Florida campus. Both are passionate about research and both are using resources offered by TSRI's Graduate Program to design their future career.

Professional Society Supporting Ph.D. Students Meets in La Jolla

More than 100 career counselors, program coordinators, and deans who support the unique career needs of Ph.D. students recently met in La Jolla for the Graduate Career Consortium's annual meeting.