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High School Internship Program

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Photo of High School interns in labAdmission Guidelines

To apply for the Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI) High School Student Research Program, click the yellow button in the left column and you will be taken to LSSI's website. Applicants will also find a downloadable document on this page containing application guidelines and instructions.

Students have complete responsibility for contacting LSSI with any questions and/or concerns they may have regarding the program and/or application. If you aren’t sure about something, if you’re wondering about a document, if you’re not sure how to fill something out or whether particular information needs to be included – ASK! Your teachers, counselors, parents, etc. can certainly advise you but always be sure to double check with LSSI about any details if necessary! Don’t have your application rejected because you thought an instruction meant something different!

Be your own advocate! - It is important for the students to advocate for themselves. YOU are applying for this position, not your parents. Any questions etc. need to come from you. 

It is important that students include their own personal email address on their application. If necessary, please create a new email address that is professional and will only be used to communicate with LSSI and/or other employers. Do not use your parent’s email address.

All requested documentation must be submitted online with your application by no later than the deadline (March 30, 2018).

If you have questions regarding your application, please contact the Life Sciences Summer Institute at If you have any questions about the types of research selected summer interns experience at The Scripps Research Institute, contact TSRI's Office of Educational Outreach at