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High School Student Internship Program

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High School Student Internship ProgramHOW TO APPLY

Students interested in applying for the summer internship program may click the green application button in the left column when it appears on or around January 1, which will open the application system in a new window or tab. The 2018 application period is now closed. For an explanation of the application process, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking on FAQ above.

An important part of the online application asks applicants to provide us with the names and email addresses for at least TWO teacher references who are familiar with the applicant's scientific skills, academic accomplishments and motivations to pursue this type of experience. STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) teachers are highly recommended. We strongly suggest applicants first decide which teachers will serve as their references and obtain their email addresses before beginning the online application.

In addition to completing the online application, all program applicants are required to submit the following documents (PDF files strongly preferred):

  1. A resume;
  2. Unofficial academic transcripts (grade/progress reports will not be accepted in lieu of a transcript); and
  3. A statement of goals, describing the applicant's research interests, experience, education goals, career objectives and any information which may aid the selection process.

Applicants must submit all of the above materials by the application deadline or their application will not be considered. Once an applicant completes the online application, they will receive instructions via email (within a few days) regarding how to upload their supporting documents. Do not email these documents to TSRI.


  • WIthin a few days of submitting your application, you will receive an email from Scripps with the subject line "Your Scripps Florida Summer Internship Application." Look for this email, as it will contain your personal instructions regarding how to send your supplemental materials. We recommend checking your spam or junk mail inboxes regularly during this time, as it may find its way there.
  • Once applicants receive upload instuctions for supplemental materials (listed above), it is important to upload separate PDFs for each supplemental document. Applicants are asked to please not scan and upload all of their documents in a single PDF file. Sending each document as a separate PDF assists us in quickly determining when a student's application is complete, so we may begin sharing their information with our faculty review committee sooner. 
  • If your school registrar, counselor or administrator will not provide you with your transcripts, you may also give them your Dropbox link, and they will be able to upload your transcripts directly to your application folder. Anyone with your dropbox link will be able to upload the requested files to your application, so feel free to offer it to them, if it is helpful.
  • If your teachers are concerned that we have not yet contacted them for a recommendation, please inform them that we will not email teachers listed as references on your application until after March 02. This is to avoid contacting teachers multiple times.