Current Topics in Sensory Neuroscience - NEURO590

Provides multifaceted training in sensory system neuroscience

Course Directors: Hollis Cline and Ardem Patapoutian
Term: Winter
Credits: 3.0

This course will provide multifaceted training in sensory system neuroscience. It will be focused around visiting speakers in the Dorris Neuroscience lecture series. Students will read and discuss background material pertaining to the speaker’s topic, attend the seminar and prepare a News and Views commentary on the topic. The course will expose students to top speakers in the field and provide them with the knowledge and critical thinking tools to understand and evaluate state-of-the-art neuroscience presentations on current topics in Sensory Neuroscience. Some of the speakers for the upcoming 2016-2017 DNC seminar series include David Julius, Bob Data, Larry Zipursky, Loren Frank, Greg Scherrer, Robert Malenka and Leslie Vosshall.

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