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Advisory Committees

The Advisory Committee is crucial in ensuring students remain in good standing and serves as a key component of a student’s ongoing support and training. Advisory committees are comprised of four or five faculty members with expertise broadly related to the student’s dissertation work. The committee serves several purposes: it conducts the qualifying examination, meets annually to provide advice and guidance on the student’s dissertation project, and mentors the student through the Graduate Program.

Students are expected to meet at least once per year with their Advisory Committee. The committee will continuously evaluate the student's:

  • Commitment to attain a doctoral degree
  • Ability to develop a scientific focus
  • Participation in journal clubs and scientific meetings
  • Meeting the Program’s learning objectives: oral communication skills, technical research skills, and writing skills
  • Ability to bring the research project to completion in the form of scientific publications

Students are required to prepare a written report summarizing their progress and future directions. The report should be approved by the entire committee and submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies.