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Skaggs-Oxford Program

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Scripps’ Graduate Program and the Oxford Department of Biochemistry appoint a minimum of two faculty members to supervise each scholar. Term reports are required on students' progress and are submitted to both institutions.

Student counseling services, a student-chosen faculty thesis committee, and access to several deans ensure that the students have every opportunity to discuss the challenges that may arise during doctoral studies at Scripps and Oxford.


Academic progress supervisors at Scripps and Oxford submit written reports each quarter or term while the student remains in the degree program, i.e. until the thesis has been accepted for the award of the Ph.D./D.Phil. degree. Any concerns about progress are discussed between the supervisors of the two institutions, the Director of Graduate Studies in Biochemistry at Oxford and the Dean of Graduate Studies at Scripps, and with the student.

Applicants for transfer of status are judged by two assessors, at least one of whom is a member of the academic staff at Oxford who is familiar with the student's field of research. Academic staff from both institutions is involved in assessment of progress, and in particular, confirmation of status requires supporting statements from the supervisors from both academic partners.

Success in all stages of the course is required for progress to the submission of the thesis and the Ph.D./D.Phil examination.

Awarding of Degree

Successful candidates are awarded a degree certificate from The Scripps Research Institute and the University of Oxford. They are invited to attend ceremonies at both institutions