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Neuroscience Graduate Program at The Scripps Research Institute


Neuroscience research at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) is driven by nearly 50 biomedical laboratories focused on the study of the nervous system; the mechanisms that cause neurological and psychiatric disorders, sensory impairment, and addiction; as well as the basic neurobiology underlying learning and memory, sleep, and consciousness.

Neuroscience Graduate Studies at The Scripps Research InstituteMany neuroscience graduate programs offer students opportunities to study the brain and nervous system. Graduate students at TSRI experience an truly interdisciplinary doctoral program in neuroscience, training with faculty members who integrate state-of-the-art approaches in neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, behavioral neuroscience and molecular neuroscience with genomics, imaging, molecular biology, chemical biology, cell biology, electrophysiology and several other areas.

TSRI students also benefit from a translational neuroscience graduate program, receiving training in laboratories dedicated to translating scientific findings into treatments for such important disorders as schizophrenia, autism, depression, addiction, learning disabilities, sensory impairment, pain, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Graduate students at TSRI customize their curriculum based on their personal research interests. While students may choose courses within one research area for focused studies, they are encouraged to develop a breadth of experience by taking multidisciplinary courses for a customized program of study. For students interested in neuroscience, an exciting diversity of focused courses are available, including: Concepts of Memory and Learning; Current Topics in Sensory Neuroscience; Fundamentals of Neuroscience; Neurobiology of Alcohol and Drug Addiction; and Neurobiology of Disease.

Other resources available to students include the Dorris Neuroscience Center, the Pearson Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research, and a Nikon Center of Excellence featuring extraordinary imaging technologies.

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