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Student Life on the California Campus

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Campus Life

Open Forum Luncheon: Once a month, a small number of students, faculty members, and administration are invited to have lunch with the Dean of the graduate program. The purpose of this luncheon is to provide a small, informal setting for general discussion about each student's scientific interests and progress, and any topics of interest that relates to student life at TSRI. Every student will be invited to attend one luncheon each year.

Scientific Meetings: The graduate program encourages all graduate students to participate in scientific meetings and workshops that can enhance their education. Requests for attendance/participation in scientific meetings must be directed to the student's research advisor. Expenses related to scientific meetings will be shared equally between the Graduate Program and the student's advisor; however, the Graduate Program's contribution will be capped at $750. When total expenses for the meeting exceed $1,500, the student's advisor will be expected to cover the full amount in excess of $1,500.

Outreach Programs: Every summer, the Office of Educational Outreach and Community Engagement invites high school and undergraduate students to campus for an 8-10 week internship. This opportunity provides the interns with a chance to learn more about careers in science through one-on-one mentoring by graduate students.