Scripps Research Community Symposium

You're Invited to this Virtual Event on May 1, 2021!

Register now for the 2021 Scripps Research Community Symposium, a virtual public event that invites the community — K-12 teachers, high school students, families with children, community college students, and more — to meet our scientists, hear from our graduate students, and interact with our science in fun and engaging ways.

With free activities scheduled from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (PT), the 2021 Community Symposium will include intriguing science presentations, succinct short research talks, and networking activities. The event coincides with the Biocom Institute's San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering STEAM Week.

The event is also a competition for the scientists presenting their research! Five awards ($500 each) are given to recognize outstanding presentation and effort. Awards are given for the best poster presenter, best short talk, and for event attendees' favorite poster presenter (based on live polling).

After you watch and listen to Symposium poster presentations, make sure you cast your vote for your favorite poster presenter! Clicking the "Poster Contest" button above will take you to our poster competition voting page, hosted on The top vote recipient will win fame, glory and a cash prize! Make sure you cast your vote before 11:45 p.m. PT on Saturday, May 1!

During the 2019 event, 39 Scripps Research students presented their research, which was evaluated by 15 judges from Scripps Research, UCSD, SDSU, high schools and local biotech companies.

Tips for (virtually) attending the Scripps Research Community Symposium

The Scripps Research Community Symposium is a great way to learn more about biomedical science and the many different types of research our scientists are engaged with!


SESSION 1: Posters and Tours
9:30 a.m. PDT

During this session, you can explore diverse topics in science and talk to our scientists directly! This session will be held on Spatial Chat (link below) with posters displayed in 3 different rooms: 1) Posters in Beckman, 2) Posters in Jupiter, and 3) Posters in Lab. Browse through these posters, interact with scientists and vote for your favorite posters!


SESSION 2: Talks and Keynote Presentation
11:30 a.m. PDT

Ask questions as our scientists take the stage and present interesting short talks. This session will be held on Zoom. (link below)

Keynote Presentation:
Scripps Research staff member Drew Duglan, Ph.D. is presenting “From Lab to Liaison: Science Communication and the Rhythms of Life”

Science Fair Winners:
We will announce the three high school student winners of the 2021 Scripps Research Young Scientist Award!

Short Talks:
Thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite Short Talk! Of the 12 video previews in the contest, three of Scripps Research's young scientists were selected by popular vote as the favorites and will present their science talk live at the symposium during the talk session (before keynote speaker). The presenters are:
  *  "The first cure of HIV," by Rubens Almeida Tavora
  *  "MicroRNA-598-3P and its Correlation with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder," by Pierce Herrmann
  *  "Stable Nickel Toolkit," by Camille Rubel


SESSION 3: Receptions and Other Activities
1 p.m. PDT

These receptions will be held on Spatial Chat (links below)

College Student Reception:
We invite all college students to attend an informal careers in science panel discussion with our graduate students and learn about career options and grad school life.

SPATIAL CHAT ROOM: College Student Reception (P/W: LEADR)

Educator Reception:
As part of our Community Symposium, we invite all teachers to an exclusive reception where they can review educational resources and mingle with Scripps Research scientists who are interested in making and presenting educational content.

SPATIAL CHAT ROOM: Educator Reception (P/W: SMILE)


Short Talk Abstracts

Poster List with Abstracts