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Self Assessment

Self Assessment

As a graduate student or postdoctoral scientist, you already possess a tremendous number of skills, and not just those required to work at the lab bench. Additionally, your interests and values have played a large role in career decisions to date.  However, if asked to name these skills, interests, and values, many scientists are unable to do so. Self assessment exercises help you to identify the skills you possess, as well as identify and clarify the interests, values, and personal preferences important to your work style, work environment, and overall career goals.

Self assessment can assist you to:

  • identify skill areas that require development;
  • develop career decision-making strategies;
  • narrow your job search options; and
  • articulate your strengths in resumes and interviews.


Career Workshops: Each winter session, graduate students and postdocs can enroll in the course, "Effective Career Planning for PhDs". The course is intended to encourage proactive career planning by equipping students with the skills, resources and self-assessment information necessary to make informed career choices both inside and beyond academia. Scheduling and registration details for all workshops are announced to the postdocs email list and posted to the Career Training Workshops page.

Individual Advising Appointments

The Career and Postdoctoral Services Office offers individual advising appointments to assist with self-exploration exercises.  Please contact to schedule an appointment.