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Career Training Workshops

The training workshops below were designed to prepare graduate students and postdocs for all of their professional endeavors, whether in academia, industry, or any other sector. Click on any workshop name for a more detailed description, including learning objectives and a calendar of upcoming dates. To view upcoming dates for ALL workshops, click anywhere on the calendar at right or HERE.






Workshops Offered
   Academic Careers Roundtable   Academic Job
  American English Pronunciation   Careers for Ph.D.s
  Offered: quarterly   Offered: fall   Offered: spring and fall   Offered: winter
  Learn about various aspects
of tenure track academic research careers and hear
from experts about becoming
a successful academic.
  Learn how to prepare an
effective academic job
application and navigate the
academic interview process.
  Improve your English
language pronunciation and communication skills.
  Gain awareness of various
non-academic career paths
available to Ph.D.s.


Convey your Science with Posters Effective Career
Planning for Ph.D.s
Effective Scientific Writing Effective Teaching
in the Sciences
  Offered: once a year   Offered: winter   Offered: spring and fall   Offered: spring
Learn the fundamentals of effective poster creation and presentation. Develop the skills, resources and self-assessment tools necessary to make informed career choices both inside
and beyond academia.
Add clarity and logic to your written communications.
Learn how to write effective scientific manuscripts.
Learn teaching techniques, best practices of instructional design and classroom management, and types of student learning.


Getting from Job Ad
to Interview 
Grantsmanship & Funding Fest Insights to Industry Introduction to Networking
  Offered: spring and fall   Offered: spring   Offered: once a year   Offered: summer
Learn how to prepare
targeted job applications for non-academic and industry positions.
Gain insight into grant writing, grant applications, and the
peer review process, while learning how to find and apply for fellowship opportunities.
Understand the culture and sectors within the life sciences industry, and how to make a successful transition from academia. Learn networking basics, develop an elevator pitch and learn how to turn "small talk" into more meaningful conversations.


Lab Management & Leadership Symposium Meet the Alumni
Negotiating Your
Job Offer
Responsible Conduct
of Research
  Offered: every 18 mos.
(fall or spring)
  Offered: bimonthly   Offered: spring and fall   Offered: twice a year
Learn the skills required for successful scientific and laboratory management. Meet former TSRI scholars
to find out how they achieved their goals and followed their career path.
Learn ways to prepare, understand, evaluate, and strategically negotiate a job offer. Understand the ethics that
form the basis for scientific inquiry.


Scientific Proposal Writing Social Media
for Scientists
Social Media
Photo Lab
Videotaped Practice Interviews
  Offered: fall   Offered: summer   Offered: spring and fall   Offered: quarterly
Understand how to write and
to apply for competitive
fellowship funding.
Learn to present yourself professionally
via social media.
A professional photographer will take head shots for your LinkedIn profile. Practice responding to interview questions and
receive critiques on your answers and body language.