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Postdoctoral and Career Services

Professional Development

The Career and Postdoctoral Services Office's programs are driven by the National Postdoctoral Association’s Core Competencies for postdoctoral scholars. As such, we've implemented a number of training goals.

By the conclusion of their postdoctoral appointment at TSRI, postdoctoral scholars are expected to:

  1. Have gained new and expanded discipline-specific knowledge and research skills through mentored training;
  2. Demonstrate evidence of research productivity, including publications, fellowships, and/or conference presentations;
  3. Possess the experience and insight necessary to make ethical choices pertaining to the responsible conduct of research;
  4. Have developed their communication, leadership, and professional skills through multidisciplinary research collaborations, career-related workshops and courses, and/or professional groups; and
  5. Articulate a plan for pursuing a career path of their choosing.

We strongly recommend that TSRI postdocs use an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to structure their training experience.  The IDP provides a planning framework that can help postdocs identify their professional development needs and career objectives.  With it, postdocs can set short-term project and skills-related milestones, develop longer-term career goals, and discuss these training objectives with their advisors.   To help develop your career development plan, you can customize your curriculum to meet your needs and training goals.