Academic Year Programs

Academic Year programs at Scripps Research present opportunities for college undergraduates to gain laboratory research experience during the normal school year. 

Current academic year programs include:

AYRIU is an extended laboratory research experience available on Scripps Research's La Jolla, California campus that enables undergraduates to work full-time with faculty members on innovative research projects while receiving academic credit from their college or university.

BLEU is a course offered each quarter for academic credit that exposes undergraduate students to graduate-level research and teaches basic and advanced research techniques, experimental design, laboratory notebook skills, and data analysis.

LEADR gives cohorts of community college students an opportunity to explore biomedical research topics from different perspectives, including traditional scientific lectures, hands-on laboratory or data analysis experiences, interactive discussions of research published in major journals, and a science communication project.

SPAM assists students from underrepresented backgrounds in identifying summer research programs and preparing a competitive application. This individualized mentorship program matches students with a Scripps Research scientist who will support them every step of the way.

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