Academic Year Research Internship for Undergraduates

Scripps Research is pleased to offer the Academic Year Research Internship for Undergraduates (AYRIU), an innovative education and training program, available exclusively on the institute's Jupiter, Florida campus, designed to prepare undergraduate students for doctoral studies in the biomedical sciences. The AYRIU program is an extended laboratory research experience that takes place during the academic year, imparting a more realistic perspective on how research progresses over time.

AYRIU is an opportunity for undergraduates to work full-time with Scripps Research faculty members on innovative research projects while receiving academic credit from their home college or university. As with other undergraduate programs, students who are selected for AYRIU will be paired with a researcher, based on their research interests and faculty member availability.

The goals for AYRIU are to help participants:

  • Gain proficiency in the scientific process;
  • Develop the ability to think critically about the theory and application of the science they are pursuing;
  • Establish a robust set of research skills;
  • Gain greater independence and confidence;
  • Advance oral and written communication skills, and
  • Develop a scientific identity with the culture of biomedical research.

Selected students may customize the start date and duration of their AYRIU experience; however, the experience must be a minimum of three months. Since the program occurs during the academic year, participants are required to make arrangements with their undergraduate institution to be away from campus for one or more terms.

Participants will be paid a stipend to assist with housing, food and other expenses.

Any questions should be directed to Rosie Albarran-Zeckler.

The Academic Year Research Internship for Undergraduates (AYRIU) program consists of three major components: scientific research and skills training, professional development, and training in scientific communication.

  1. Scientific Research and Skills Training – Students selected for AYRIU will work closely with their faculty mentor to design a research project at the interface of chemistry and biology that builds upon the research being pursued in the laboratory. Students will carry out the day-to-day research with guidance from a postdoctoral scientist or senior graduate student in that lab. Students will have a project with a clearly defined purpose and potential outcomes; it will be substantial in scope and able to generate data using a variety of techniques and instruments.

  2. Professional Development – Numerous professional development opportunities will extend the AYRIU experience beyond the laboratory, giving participating undergraduates a broader view of careers in biomedical science. Scientific seminars featuring Scripps Research faculty members and visiting distinguished scientists will broaden students’ understanding of the newest horizons in research and improve their critical thinking skills. A monthly journal club will enable greater interaction with Scripps Research doctoral students. AYRIU participants will also take part in an interactive ethics workshop.

  3. Scientific Communication – To enhance students’ ability to communicate the results of their research, the AYRIU program will require participants to present their research in a number of informal and formal venues including lab meetings, departmental seminars, and AYRIU-specific events. All AYRIU students will be required to design and present a scientific poster at a campus-wide poster session and write a research report in journal manuscript format that summarizes their research project.


Weekly Activities

  1. Plan and conduct experiments
  2. Attend lab meetings to discuss new and related papers, and present new data
  3. Audit graduate courses such as Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Biophysics, Total Synthesis, etc. (not for credit)


Monthly Activities

  1. Attend graduate student journal club, a student-led presentation and evaluation of newly published research
  2. Attend research seminars such as the External Seminar Series and Distinguished Lecturer Series, featuring internationally recognized scientists from across the nation


Professional Development Workshops

  1. Ethics in Science
  2. Time Management
  3. Research Poster Design and Presentation

Participating Faculty

The AYRIU program is open to undergraduate students who will be in their sophomore, junior and senior year at the time of the internship. International students are also encouraged to apply.

A special emphasis is placed on identifying and recruiting students who are historically underrepresented in the sciences (i.e., African-American, Hispanic, Native Pacific Islander, or Native American students or first-to-college students).

Program Timing
Since the program occurs during the academic year, participants are required to make arrangements with their undergraduate institution to be away from campus for one or more terms (quarters or semesters). While all participants are required to complete a minimum of three months in the program, students may complete a research experience at Scripps Research lasting up to one year.

Housing and Support
Housing may be arranged for selected participants, depending on availabilty. Selected students will receive a weekly stipend of approximately $500 to pay for housing, food and other needs.

Up to five participants will be chosen annually based on letters of recommendation and passion for scientific discovery as described in a written statement. Applicants will be notified about the status of their application via the email address they provide.

Application to the program is on a rolling basis with no deadline. Once complete, submission materials are reviewed by faculty mentors in the student’s field of interest.

In addition to the online application, interested students are required to complete and submit the following application materials:

  • Current resume
  • Written statement about career goals, research experience and extracurricular activities
  • Current college transcripts
  • Two recommendation letters

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