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Academic Year Research Internship for Undergraduates

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) is pleased to offer the Academic Year Research Internship for Undergraduates (AYRIU), an innovative new education and training program designed to prepare undergraduate students for doctoral studies in the biomedical sciences. The AYRIU program is an extended laboratory research experience–available on either TSRI campus–that takes place during the academic year, imparting a more realistic perspective on how research progresses over time.

AYRIU is an opportunity for undergraduates to work full-time with TSRI faculty members on innovative research projects while receiving academic credit from their home college or university. As with other undergraduate programs, students who are selected for AYRIU will be paired with a TSRI researcher, based on their research interests and faculty member availability.

The goals for AYRIU are to help participants:

  • Gain proficiency in the scientific process;
  • Develop the ability to think critically about the theory and application of the science they are pursuing;
  • Establish a robust set of research skills;
  • Gain greater independence and confidence;
  • Advance oral and written communication skills, and
  • Develop a scientific identity with the culture of biomedical research.

Selected students may customize the start date and duration of their AYRIU experience; however, the experience must be a minimum of three months. Since the program occurs during the academic year, participants are required to make arrangements with their undergraduate institution to be away from campus for one or more terms.

Participants will be paid a stipend to assist with housing, food and other expenses.

Any questions should be directed to Rosie Albarran-Zeckler at rzeckler (at)