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SURF/REU Alumni Profiles

Participants in The Scripps Research Institute's SURF/REU programs hail from colleges and universities across the nation and bring research interests spanning the biomedical spectrum. Read about several recent summer program participants and learn how their experience at TSRI impacted their career trajectory.

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RichardUndergraduate Institution: Bethany College, Class of 2015

Undergraduate Major: Chemistry

TSRI Faculty Mentor: Prof. Scott Snyder, Department of Chemistry

TSRI Program & Year: 2014 TSRI REU Summer Program, Florida campus

Research Poster Title: "A Novel Synthesis of Hydroindoline Derivatives via Diels-­Alder Chemistry"

His experience: "The SURF experience was very valuable for me. It was my first time doing cutting-edge synthetic organic chemistry research and if it wasn’t for this opportunity, I would not have considered graduate school."

What it was like: "It was amazing being with a group of people who had the same interests as I do. Our conversations via research were so intriguing that it has opened up perspective on research."

What's next: "I have been accepted into one program already for graduate school. I am definitely going into chemistry for my Ph.D. but I haven’t fully decided if I want to do synthesis or microfluidics-related research. I have also received a fellowship from this school, however, I am still waiting to hear back from other programs before making my final decision."