Florida Campus

While faculty focus on the fields of chemistry, neuroscience, immunology and infectious disease, structural biology, and molecular medicine, their investigations are not limited by departmental borders and, in fact, cross-country and cross-disciplinary collaborations regularly lead to vital discoveries. Potential new medicines are often advanced into pre-clinical trials via the drug development infrastructure available at Calibr, a unit within the institute. And the genomic data analysis and digital health monitoring provided by the Scripps Research Translational Institute, another unit, inform and help further refine therapeutics.

Founded in 2004 with federal economic development funds awarded by the Florida State Legislature and an economic package from Palm Beach County, the institute’s Jupiter campus completed construction in 2009. Scientists work with their counterparts in La Jolla, California in a relationship that is prolific and entrepreneurial: Nearly 1,000 U.S. patents and over 80 spinoff companies have resulted from research on both coasts. Significantly, nine approved drugs are based on Scripps scientists’ groundbreaking research, with more on the way. Seminal work such as this led the scientific journal Nature to name Scripps Research the world’s most influential research institute.