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Course Enrollment Data

The charts below illustrate course enrollment data for currently enrolled students of The Scripps Research Institute's Graduate Program. Click on any chart to view a larger version in a separate window or tab.

Course Enrollment by Students' Primary Research Focus

Data represented below illustrate the number of students from different research focus areas who enrolled in various TSRI Graduate Program courses during three consecutive academic years. Research focus areas are the primary research disciplines of interest to individual students, as defined by the students themselves during the admissions process. In 2015, TSRI's Graduate Program began tracking a greater diversity of research focus areas, going from five to 12 areas that students could select.

Bacteria and Antibiotics Bioorganic Chemistry Biophysics
Cell Biology Classics in Total Synthesis Memory and Learning
Effective Scientific Communication Intro to Biostatistics Intro to Immunology
Medicinal Chemistry Modern Organic Synthesis Molecular Biology
Molecular Medicine Physical Organic Chemistry Spectroscopy
Structural Biology