U.S. News & World Report, which periodically reviews the nation's colleges, including undergraduate institutions and community colleges, has ranked Scripps Research among the best graduate schools in the country.

In their most recent survey, Scripps Research's Chemistry program ranks 6th in the nation and the Biological Sciences program ranks 10th, according to the survey, which was released March 20, 2018. For specialties within Chemistry, Scripps Research doctoral program tied for 2nd in Biochemistry (with Harvard) and earned a 5th place ranking in Organic Chemistry.

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The latest rankings are based on a survey of department heads, deans, directors of graduate studies and others at peer schools in each discipline. They are asked to rate the quality of the program at each institution. In addition, they are asked to nominate programs that have excellent offerings in certain specialty areas. Those programs that receive seven or more nominations are listed in order of the number of nominations received.


Scripps Research in 2018 ranked as the top stand-alone scientific institute in the United States for producing high-quality research by Nature Index, based on discoveries published in leading scientific journals.

Scripps Research also was named the most influential research institution in the world, according to the Nature Index 2017 Innovation supplement, which sheds light on the impact of academic research on innovation.

Scripps Research has been ranked as one of the most influential scientific institutions in the world (citations per paper as tracked by over a decade). Thomson Reuters named Scripps Research as first worldwide in chemistry, second in microbiology, sixth in immunology and 13th in neuroscience. These rankings demonstrate the impact of Scripps Research scientists on the course of scientific discovery.