Financial Support

Financial support for graduate students is provided by Scripps Research, the student’s advisor, and national fellowships. This support covers tuition, health insurance, and stipend. The stipend level for academic year 2023-24 is $42,000 on the Florida campus and $44,000 on the California campus.

The stipend is subject to change based on cost of living increases and national competitiveness.

Scripps Research encourages students to apply for fellowships during their senior year of undergraduate study. It is possible to apply for fellowships after matriculation in graduate school, but history demonstrates that they are much more difficult to secure after leaving the undergraduate institution.

Predoctoral fellowships are available from several agencies including the National Science Foundation (NSF). This highly competitive fellowship recognizes undergraduate achievement and future promise. NSF predoctoral fellowships will provide stipend support and a yearly allocation to procure computers, books and travel related to graduate studies.

A stipend supplement is extended to graduate students who have secured a fellowship from external sources. Typically, the supplement is $10,000 above the base stipend. Thus, with a current base stipend between $42,000 and $44,000, students who secure fellowships can anticipate a total stipend of between $52,000 and $54,000.

If the fellowship of a student in good academic standing ends prior to graduating and the fellowship has provided financial support for a minimum of two years, the supplement will be continued until the student graduates. However, if the amount of the external fellowship exceeds the stipend and supplement amount, the student’s stipend shall return to the current base stipend plus supplement amount; e.g., a $55,000 fellowship shall be set at $54,000.

Questions related to the stipend should be directed to the Office of Graduate Studies.