Summer High School Internship Program

Scripps Research’s High School Student Research Education Program exposes students to contemporary issues in biomedical research and provides hands-on laboratory experience and mentorship. It is committed to increasing the number of talented students who choose a career in the biological and chemical sciences, particularly first-generation college-bound students and students from groups that are underrepresented in science.

2024 Program Information

The 2024 High School Summer Internship Program on Scripps Research's La Jolla, California campus will be a collaboration with the REACH program led by Prof. Michael Constantinides.

Only students from the five REACH partner schools below are eligible to apply for the 2024 Summer Internship Program. These schools include: Barrio Logan College Institute, San Diego; Hilltop High School, Chula Vista; Hoover High School, San Diego; Lincoln High School, San Diego; and Morse High School, San Diego.

Program Dates

The 2024 High School Internship Program will run from June 24 - August 9, 2024. The application for this summer's program is now closed.

Other Summer Programs

Interested students may also apply for the Scripps Research Translational Institute's (SRTI) Student Research Internship Program, a separate program also held each summer. The program welcomes all local high school, graduate and professional students who are interested in genomics, digital medicine and data science, including artificial intelligence. Click above for more details. Scripps Research also posts numerous internship opportunities on the Careers section of our website. To explore current opportunities, click HERE.

Selected students will participate in all three components of the program:

Prior to the first week of the program, students will attend an unpaid pre-internship training course. The three-day "boot camp" will be held immediately prior to the seven-week internship.

Through an interview process with principal investigators, students will be matched with a research laboratory for an internship, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., for the duration of the summer program.

During the seven-week laboratory internship, each high school student will meet with a graduate student mentor who will help guide the student through their experience in the lab, the college application/selection process, the application essay, etc.

If you have questions regarding the types of research selected summer interns experience at Scripps Research, contact our Office of Educational Outreach by email at


Students are awarded a stipend of $4,760 for the seven-week summer program.

Applicants must:

  • Be a San Diego County resident and have completed their most recent semester of high school at a public or private high school within San Diego County;
  • Be at least 16 years of age on or before the start date of the program;
  • Have successfully completed at least one year each of high school-level chemistry and biology;
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0;
  • Commit to 40 hours/week for the duration of the program;
  • Provide their own transportation; and
  • Be able to obtain a work permit (if under age 18) from their school upon notification of hire. (More information on work permits can be found at your school counseling office.)

A special emphasis is placed on identifying and recruiting first-generation college-bound students as well as those from groups that are historically underrepresented in the sciences (e.g., African-American, Hispanic, Native Pacific Islander or Native American students).

An important part of the online application asks applicants to provide us with the names and email addresses for at least two teacher references who are familiar with the applicant's scientific skills, academic accomplishments and motivations to pursue this type of experience. STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) teachers are highly recommended. We strongly suggest applicants first decide which teachers will serve as their references and obtain their email addresses before beginning the online application.

In addition to completing the online application, all program applicants are required to submit the following documents (PDF files strongly preferred):

  • A resume or CV that describes your education, work experience, research publications, teaching experience, professional activities, volunteer activities, community engagement, honors and awards.
  • Unofficial academic transcripts (grade/progress reports will not be accepted in lieu of a transcript)
  • Short answers to the following three questions:
    • What college major or career are you looking to pursue?
    • What area of science research are you most interested in? Please relate this to a past personal or classroom experience.
    • What benefits do you hope to gain from a research internship?

Applicants must submit all of the above materials by the application deadline or their application will not be considered.


  • Students have complete responsibility for contacting the internship coordinators with any questions and/or concerns they may have regarding the program and/or application. If you aren’t sure about something, if you’re wondering about a document, if you’re not sure how to fill something out or whether particular information needs to be included — ask! Your teachers, counselors, parents, etc. can certainly advise you, but always be sure to double check about any details if necessary. Don’t have your application rejected because you thought an instruction meant something different.
  • Be your own advocate! It is important for the students to advocate for themselves. You are applying for this position, not your parents. Any questions, etc. need to come from you.
  • It is important that students include their own personal email address on their application. If necessary, please create a new email address (such as gmail) that is professional and will only be used to communicate with Scripps Research and/or other employers. Do not use your parents' email address.
  • All requested documentation must be submitted online with your application by no later than the deadline.

If you have questions regarding your application or the types of research selected summer interns experience at Scripps Research, contact our Office of Educational Outreach by email at

To foster interest in biomedical research among high school students, Assistant Professor Michael Constantinides initiated and organizes the REACH program. The “outREACH” component involves Scripps Research faculty and trainees venturing out to local public high schools to describe their career paths and current research. This is followed by the “in Reach” component, where students are welcomed into Scripps Research for a day of lab tours, hands-on demonstrations, and additional presentations. Students are also invited to participate in laboratory research through a 7-week summer internship program, during which they’re paired with graduate student mentors who teach them experimental design, techniques, and data interpretation, as well as guide them through the college application process.