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Peer Editing Service - Council of Scientific Editors

Manuscript & Proposal Reviewing for Graduate Students and Postdocs

The Council of Scientific Editors is a volunteer peer editing service to help TSRI postdocs and graduate students write high quality papers and fellowships. The Career & Postdoctoral Services Office matches requests for editing based on scientific area and reviewer availability. To have your manuscript or fellowship reviewed: 

  1. Download and complete a mentor approval form. An editor list is available upon request. 
  2. Send an email to CPSO, attaching your mentor approval form and your manuscript in .doc/.docx format. 
  3. The Career & Postdoc Office will match your request to an available reviewer in a similar scientific area. 
  4. The editor will remain anonymous unless specifically requested otherwise.

The Council of Scientific Editors is intended to supplement, not supplant, the scientific communication mentoring that trainees receive from their advisors.  The Council is an additional review option to benefit both the volunteer peer reviewers and the researchers who use the service.

Become a peer reviewer in the Council of Scientific Editors

Postdocs and senior graduate students are needed to serve as volunteer reviewers on the Council of Scientific Editors. It is expected that reviewers will give various levels of feedback (from general to specific), depending on the time available and each document's requirements. This is an excellent resume-builder and great opportunity to share your skills and passion for scientific writing and editing, especially if you're considering a career in science journalism, editing, medical writing, or a similar field. If you are interested in participating as a reviewer in the TSRI Council of Scientific Editors, contact CPSO.

Mentor Approval Form