Customizable Curriculum

Scripps Research graduate students initially focus on customizing their curriculum with the goal of extending their undergraduate education to the current frontier of knowledge. Course selection is guided by the interests of the student. While students may choose courses within one research area for focused studies (also known as tracks), they are encouraged to develop a breadth of experience by taking multidisciplinary courses for a customized program of study. Examples of the types of courses selected by current Scripps Research students of varying research focus areas can be viewed here

To view the list of courses currently available to students on both campuses, click here, which will open the current schedule in a new tab or window.

Students customize their curriculum by choosing a minimum of 12 credits to serve as their core. These courses are taken for a letter grade, and the student must earn a minimum of a B- to receive credit for the course. Students also have the option of taking electives which are courses taken as pass/fail. Explore specific course information by clicking through the table below.