Funding Your Research

Scripps Research encourages graduate students and postdocs, under the guidance of their advisors, to apply for pre- and postdoctoral fellowships. Be aware your benefits may change if you obtain your own fellowship award. For more information about how your benefits may change upon receipt of a fellowship award, contact the Scripps Research Benefits Office.

Fellowship opportunities

As a Scripps Research trainee, you have access to the searchable funding opportunity database Pivot.

You can customize your search based on eligibility (i.e., citizenship), funding type (i.e., travel), keyword (i.e., mRNA), deadline (i.e., within 90 days), etc. 

Before applying, we advise trainees to check the Scripps Research’s OSP Pre-Award Office (Intranet only) for eligibility policies.

Additional databases:

Successfully Funded Fellowship Database

The CPDO maintains a database of successfully funded pre- and postdoctoral fellowships (Intranet access only) to assist Scripps Research trainees as they prepare their own fellowship materials.

Institutional Support Text for Grant and Fellowship Applications

Funding mechanisms typically request information about institutional support for our trainees’ career and professional development. For your convenience, we have summarized some of the institutional services designed to support the research training experiences of postdocs and graduate students.

Institutional Support Text (Internal access only) 

Grantsmanship Training
CPDO co-organizes a series of grant writing events each year in collaboration with other Torrey Pines Mesa institutes. Past workshops have included a 3-part “Effective Grantsmanship” course, presentations from non-federal funding agencies, and K99/R00 seminars. Workshops are announced via the CPDO’s weekly email newsletter and social media feeds. Additional information can be found on the Torrey Pines Training Consortium website.  

Travel Awards
Travel awards have historically been available through the Society of Fellows and Network for Women in Science, providing trainees an opportunity to present scholarly activities at scientific conferences.  

Institutional Training Grants
Scripps Research offers several NIH-funded T32 training grants, the goals of which are to enhance the training opportunities available to graduate students and postdocs, and to develop effective scientists and leaders in the biomedical sciences. Most programs offer a combination of coursework or seminars to establish a framework for understanding the complexities of the scientific and ethical aspects of the discipline, research opportunities with investigators who have interdisciplinary research projects, and professional forums in which trainees can interact and share data with colleagues.

Other Institutional Resources