Support, Wellbeing and Campus Community

The wellbeing of Scripps Research community members is a top priority of the institute.  To this end, Scripps provides students and postdocs with resources to promote a safe, productive, and supportive work environment during their training.

Student wellbeing information for students provided by the Graduate Program

Wellbeing Information for Postdocs

We ask all postdocs to be on the lookout for colleagues who are displaying atypical behavior. Talk to them and encourage them to seek assistance if they are having problems, be it personal or professional. If you are concerned about a community member who may be in crisis, please contact one of the resources listed below.

Crisis contacts and helpful tips on how best to support a community member in crisis:  CA CAMPUS 

Emergency Numbers
On-Campus Emergency - dial 77
Local Police/Fire/Rescue: 9, 911 or non-emergency line: CA: 858-552-1700
San Diego County Crisis Hotline: 888-724-7240

Nearest Hospital
Scripps Memorial Hospital, 9888 Genesee Avenue, La Jolla, 92037 | MAP
(Please note that Scripps Green Hospital does not provide emergency mental health care.)

Employee Assistance Program
24-hour mental health support is available to benefits-eligible members of the Scripps community. Covered participants can call the Aetna Helpline: 1-800-342-8111, or you can visit the website (username: ScrippsResearch | password: eap).

Counseling & Psychological Services Department
The Counseling & Psychological Services Department (CAPS) at Scripps Research has been established with the express purpose of providing no-cost, on-site, confidential, professional counseling services to community members and their family members who are experiencing problems which may affect their personal lives or their work/academic performance.
To make an appointment with a counselor, or to receive additional information, contact the Counseling & Psychological Services Department.

Other Campus Resources

International Services Office
International students and postdocs are supported by the institute’s International Services Office (ISO), which provides comprehensive, professional and individualized immigration-related services for scholars and their families. 

Campus Organizations
Scripps Research supports vibrant campus organizations and diversity, equity, and inclusion committees, with many opportunities to connect on campus. Get involved to meet colleagues and potential collaborators, make new friends, and establish your professional identity.

Ombuds Office
The Scripps Research Ombuds Office exists to help people deal with situations or conflicts in the workplace by providing a place to go where they can have an informal, confidential conversation with a person who is independent and neutral. Please do not hesitate to contact the Ombuds Office for assistance: or (858) 784-9911.

Policy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct in Education (“Title IX Policy”)
An overview of Scripps Research’s Title IX policy, including links to community support resources and how to report incidents such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, unwanted sexual contact, domestic violence, and intimate partner violence and stalking, can be found here.

Campus Safety
Campus security is of utmost importance to Scripps Research. We believe all our community members—whether students, employees or visitors to campus—deserve a safe environment in which to conduct their business. For information on the many services to help keep you safe during your time on campus, visit the Campus Safety page.

Postdoctoral Policies
Scripps Research’s postdoctoral policies can be found in the Institute’s Administrative Guidelines, Section 10 (Intranet access only). The policies cover topics such as:

  • Postdoctoral training definitions, job titles, and appointments

  • Expectations of postdocs and their PI mentors

  • Compensation and benefits

National Postdoctoral Association
Postdocs at Scripps Research are eligible for free affiliate membership to the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA).